Puppy Class

Will learn how to introduce your pup to strangers, new environments, and things (bikes/skateboards/strollers) and make that a positive experience
Will discuss how dogs learn, ways to get and keep attention, house training, crate training, chewing and other puppy concerns
We will teach:
Collar grab game
Name game
Bite inhibition
Proper play and interruption
Proper greeting
Loose leash skills
Choice (how to teach it)
Play (tug and fetch with the rules)
As always class is positive reinforcement (at this stage food is used)
No aversion methods or tools allowed.


Basics Class

We will Teach:
Loose leash walking
As always fun games to play and keep your pup (of any age) engaged with you
Problem-solving - door dashing, jumping, over excitement


Treibball (Tryball)

TREIBBALL is a fun and positive - reinforcement dog sport.  Teaching herding using exercise balls and a goal, teaching the handler on how to shape and capture. Teaching your pup basic skills focus – sit-stay – wait – target – turn – out –around – push.  This fun game is for all ages, sizes, breed of dogs.  Your pup must be able to focus on you and will learn to be reliable off-leash. 
Eight balls of approximately 45–75 cm are set in a triangle formation, similar to billiards, with the point ball farthest from the goal. The object of the game is to get all eight balls into a confined space the size of a soccer goal within a set time period, usually about 15 minutes. The handler may not move outside of an area that contains the left half of and several feet beyond the goal area. The dog works in close cooperation with the handler, who is only allowed to use whistles, verbal or hand signals to direct his dog. No verbal or physical corrections are used in Treibball. The dog and handler must communicate effectively to herd one ball at a time into the goal, in fifteen minutes' time. The dog and handler team are scored on cooperation and direction, within that fifteen-minute time limit, and can earn extra points or accrue demerits accordingly.


Tricks and Games

Ever wonder how to teach those fun tricks - high five, wave, spin, bow, pick up, back and sidestep. This is the class using shaping to build those behaviours as well as any others you would like to work on.

Indoor Games that will keep your pup busy and engaged.

Build confidence, build your bond, use games to build value, and just to have some fun fun fun with your dog.


Loose Leash

We teach you how to train your dog to  walk with you while being able to explore and return their focus back to you. This class is filled with practical information and experience using effective training techniques.

Dalmatian Dog

Coming soon

Take it to the Streets

Confidence Class

Shape This

Crate Games

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